12December Wilma 280WILMA

Welcome to the season of wonder.

Our “Wild Wilma” came to us as a belated Christmas gift. She had spent her first three years as a “back-yard” dog where she’d bonded with a friendly Lab. However, both dogs were eventually surrendered to different rescues, which meant Wilma had to bid a sad farewell to her buddy.

RAGofAZ placed Wilma in a wonderful foster home, but no amount of love and attention seemed to assuage the loss of her beloved friend.

WilmaOutside resized xWilmaHoHoHo resized xShe sat outside cowering behind a planter and would not even come indoors. That’s when Freddie, our resident Golden Retriever, came to the rescue. Sensing that Wilma needed another dog who could calm her fears, the fosters asked us to bring Freddie to their home. Sure enough, the easygoing and unflappable Fred soon figured out how to be a pal to Wilma... the way only Goldens can. When Freddie jumped into our van to go home, Wilma hopped in with him, rode to our house and unpacked her bags. Now safe and secure once more, this holiday season finds Wilma and Fred lying by the Yule log as they gaze contentedly into each other’s eyes. You can almost hear them whisper “yabbadabba do!”