06June Lucy 280LUCY

I’m Lucy and here’s my Golden story. I was surrendered to RAGofAZ by my first mom because she realized that she didn’t have time for me. She loved me enough to want me to have a good life. But because I was left alone a lot as a young dog, I don’t like to be by myself. Thank goodness my forever home already had a Golden named Makana.

LucyatTracks resized rLucyatLake resized rBut after a couple of years, Makana crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We were all sad. I had Dad and Mom, but no four-legged friend. Since I was so sad, Mom called RAGofAZ to see if there was another Golden that needed a forever home. That’s how we got Jasper! (You met him in January in this year’s calendar.)

Jasper and I do everything together. We walk Dad twice a day, play in the backyard, sleep side-by-side, and keep Mom nimble by spreading our toys all over the house. It’s a big job, but Jasper and I do it together. Thanks RAGofAZ, for my forever home and for Jasper.