Teddy’s story begins, sadly, at a shelter where he had been abandoned as a wobbly, weak senior with multiple medical challenges. A skinny, older, red Golden, Teddy came into rescue with Tick Fever, chronic and devastating nosebleeds, hypertension, kidney issues, hip dysplasia, and liver problems. He had lost half of his once thick coat . . . and seemed embarrassed by his patchy, scalped appearance.

TeddyUnderTree resized xAmazingly, however, when he arrived at our house, Teddy required no introduction. 

TeddySwimming resized

He walked through the front door with his tail wagging and ran to greet our two Saint Bernards, Lady and Beaux. Small in comparison to his Saint siblings, Teddy could walk under Beaux, and did so regularly! Today, thanks to love and science, Teddy is doing well and proudly displays his beautiful reddish-gold coat. Once dragging his back paw due to hip pain, he now runs a mile a day and “bunny hops” when a leash comes out. He is a friend to all, which is to say Teddy never met a creature he didn’t love: birds, cats, rabbits, anything that breathes. Teddy clearly views himself as a Golden, not a Golden Retriever. And he was just what our home needed – thank you RAGofAZ!