04April Bear Lola 280BEAR & LOLA

Bear & Lola came into our family in November 2016. They were a “Senior Golden Couple” who needed a good home and we were a family that needed some “Goldens.” We had been without a Golden Retriever for a year. It was incredible how much love Bear & Lola immediately brought into our household.

Unfortunately, Lola went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 4, 2017. We will miss Lola’s high-spirited personality, her playful howl and the way she made a grand entrance when walking down the stairs!

On the other hand, Bear is Bear – a cuddly Golden with a serene personality that enjoys his walks in the desert. He loves to chase the bunny rabbits and birds that come across his path. His favorite pastime is watching TV from his spot on the couch. 

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Whenever an animal appears on TV, he immediately runs to the set – mesmerized by the images before him.

Life is so much better with a Golden Retriever and we are so happy that Bear has his forever home in our home!