02February Henley 280HENLEY

Henley is truly what rescue is about.

Henley came to us in February from El Paso where he was thrown from a moving car and a Good Samaritan took him to the shelter. Months later he had an emergency splenectomy and it was uncertain if he was going to pull through the surgery. 

Packed full of attitude, this resilient little boy is now on his third chance at life. We named him after a famous song writer as we figured Henley has lots of stories about his past. 

HenleyHeadshot resizedHenley is now in a safe place and is close to our other RAGofAZ rescue Sammi who continues to teach him the Golden life. After numerous tests for an anemic condition and blood cells not maturing, a group of University of Pennsylvania scientists are working on a case study of Henley. As of this writing, it is still unknown what ails this little boy, but he is still thriving, wags his entire body when he sees us, and is now at a healthy weight.

HenleyYard resized rThank you to the RAGofAZ team, for driving across state lines helping to get Henley out of a bad situation and into our hearts.