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Introducing our 2018 Calendar Cover Dog


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00Cover Cody


Last August we got the best 35th anniversary gift we could ask for. RAGofAZ had the “Phoenix Lost Dog” available for us if we were willing to provide him his forever home. Of course we said “YES” since we had lost our previous RAGofAZ Golden named King to cancer in May of 2016 and our house felt empty.

 CodyRunning resizedCodyRunning2 resizedThat night Cody was welcomed into our home and our hearts. It so happened to be the same night Michael Phelps competed in his final Olympic race, the relay. The last swimmer in that race to win Phelps that final gold was Cody Miller. Miller was born with a deformity causing his ribcage to grow abnormally limiting his lung capacity. He learned to swim to improve his breathing and became an Olympic medalist. Inspired by this “lost boy” who had overcome his early start to achieve greatness we decided to name our lost boy Cody. Cody has the spirit of a puppy, loves to play ball and smile out the window on car rides. Cody has a heart of gold and has lived up to his name.