08August Samson 280 This is my pup named SAMSON
a desert dog enamored with the sun
Often referred to as a gentle giant
but to tennis balls, a tireless tyrant.

SAMSON 1 50020 hours of sleep per day is his regimen
while his owner hustles for those Benjamins
to purchase his overtly expensive food
quickly escalating his lethargic mood.

Copious allergies once plagued his life
causing hot spots, baldness and much strife.
New food, medication a foregone conclusion
were the cure for his sensitive constitution.

SAMSON 4 500Upon returning from work I’m met with disbelief
and excitement requiring bladder relief.
Like his owner, Sam loves to swim
From a pool, you cannot keep him.

It’s true our dogs have golden hair
and I know Samson’s heart is gold in there.
Happier with a companion I could not be
all because of the incredible work from RAG of A-Z.