07July Reagan 280 REAGAN came to RAGofAZ through the Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso. He had been a stray and was approximately 15 months old when he came to Arizona.

He was a TALL, skinny boy and ALL puppy.

Reagan swimming500Reagan went to two other homes before he joined our family which included two older goldens, Sherman and Barkley. He was starved for attention and being a puppy, had a lot to learn. We started training immediately. We learned last year that he was bi-lingual, so learning some commands in Spanish has made it a lot easier with his training. He has since completed 2 levels of his Canine Good Citizen.

Reagan ball 500Reagan is a big goofy, loveable guy who thinks all dogs and people, particularly children, are on this earth for him. He is a great ambassadog for RAGofAZ, loving all the attention he can get at our events. His favorite things in life besides people, include swimming, walks, car rides, snuggling with mom and dad any time he can and of course eating because he thinks he is starving.

Thanks RAGofAZ for allowing him to be a part of our lives. We look forward to seeing all the things he has yet to accomplish.