Into everyone’s life a clown dog must enter. Or should. A Golden who pulls a smile from the saddest face, whose eyes light up a room, and whose antics induce non-stop laughter.

He is the dog who absconds with the bagel he grabs right out of your hand, who transplants your designer throw pillow to his favorite chair, who wakes you from a sound sleep for a belly rub, who proudly interrupts a romantic dinner with his loudest burp.

Fred sitting 500Freddie is perhaps an unlikely candidate for the clownish life having been found by border patrol officers wandering the desert lost and alone. RAGofAZ came to his rescue and brought him to us, his new forever family. Having just lost a beloved Golden, we were unsure if we were ready for another “heart” dog. Freddie would have none of it. On day one, he jumped onto our bed and went belly-up, ready to unpack his bags and settle in.

Tango500Since then, he has been the laughter in our lives and the devoted companion of his blind and aging “brother.” He remains now and forever the dog who loves to play the clown and who, when asked to strike a pose, sticks out his tongue.

Freddie has become a guide dog of sorts to his beloved companion, Tango, a 13 year old RAGofAZ rescue. Tango, nearly blind and with only one eye, cheerfully follows his bud everywhere . . . especially because Fred knows where the dinner dish is!