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Introducing our 2017 Calendar Cover Dogs


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00Cover LadyNeutron 450

A former long time RAGofAZ Board member, Ed Karsten, also enjoyed a satisfying career as a Dispatcher for the Phoenix Fire Department. Unfortunately, he passed away last year after a lengthy illness. In tribute to Ed, we photographed his two Goldens, now with a new home, at the “Hall of Flame Fire Museum.”

Below are their stories along with Lady and Neutron in front of the Dispatcher’s desk that Ed knew so well.

Neutron Lady 1 500LADY: I was rescued from a pond in Buckeye and reluctantly entered my new dad’s life. At first I really missed my previous home, but it didn’t take long for him to show me how much he loved me, and then it wasn’t long before I returned the love. We had three cats to play with and to cuddle with at nap time. I made sure the cat’s bowls were clean when they finished eating. Dad referred to me as his “Better half.” My favorite pastime is schmoozing people at RAGofAZ events.

Neutron Lady Dispatch 500NEUTRON (aka KNUTE): Dad showed up at our door to transport me to my next forever home, but somewhere during the ride we won each other’s heart... and the rest is history. I live to chase tennis balls! I kept putting them in Dad’s lap for him to throw until his pitching arm got too tired to continue. Dad sometimes tried to trick me into believing he had thrown the ball or he would hide it, but he couldn’t fool me. I always found them, even if it meant moving a cat from one end of the sofa to the other.