07CHACHO July290CHACHO—PROUD. LOYAL. DEVOTED. Chacho stands proud, his eyes reflecting his immeasurable love and devotion to his family. Chacho was adopted in May 2013 to join our recently adopted girl, Cider, who needed someone to match her energy level.


We certainly got that, and now our house is filled with Golden antics. Chacho loves to eat, and has been known to get himself into trouble seeking out snacks while we are gone—opening cabinets, closets and the pantry in search of what he finds edible. Chacho and Cider are now inseparable and can be wrestling one moment and climbing into our laps to show affection the next.

Chacho loves his morning walks, afternoon naps, going for rides and, of course, dinner time.

Both dogs are adventurous and love spending time with us on camping vacations where they can explore and relax outdoors. Chacho has given us the love we did not think could be replaced after losing our previous dogs. We are fortunate to have Chacho and it is our mission to give him the same love and devotion he gives to us on a daily basis.