04LEXI April290LEXI IS PEOPLE. At 15-1/2 years young, we still believe she understands almost everything we say to each other. Lexi was adopted at 5 months and already had all the symptoms of bad hips.

That did not stop her from long walks, swims, and even pool diving for many years.

Today Lexi still loves to do laps in the pool, but spends most of her time relaxing and watching the world go by. Lexi was never really interested in other dogs, not even her rescued Golden sisters. She preferred meeting new humans with a big smile and almost frantic tail wagging. She never met a man, woman or child she did not like at first lick.

Also, unlike her sisters she never wants the spotlight. We often have to find her for dinner or a walk as she never would ask for anything. She trusts us, and we trust her.

Love is my dear old girl Lexi.