March Teddie290

Hi. My name is Teddie.  I was 15 in May of 2014.  I was actually rescued three times in my life.

Once by RAGofAZ Transport Team,  then by my Foster Mom who is actually my Forever Mom and then I was rescued again by my forever Dad when I was 9 (I actually coordinated the whole married thing). Dad came with a little dog “Lady” (must have been a golden in disguise) and I had a golden sister.  We added a funny colored golden brother and now we are a pack of five.  I have had to say good bye to many of my golden friends over the years and I know someday I will join them at the bridge.  I apparently still have some work to do.  I had surgery this year to remove a mass on my leg.  My doc, who we all call “Flag” at University 'cause we can’t spell the rest of the name worked some miracle for me and has given me some more time.  I am so grateful that my mom decided to become a volunteer at Rescue a Golden back in 1999 otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write this story about my wonderful life.  Thank you Rescue a Golden for giving me that second chance and I think my mom and dad are pretty grateful that I have enriched their lives so much with my unconditional love and spirit.