January Finnegan290

Finnegan came to RAGofAZ through the intervention of a concerned vet and another rescue group.  Finnegan was hit by a car, and taken to an emergency animal hospital by a Good Samaritan.

  He was diagnosed with a broken leg and placed in a splint.  Another rescue group wanted to help Finnegan, but could not afford the vet bills, so the veterinarian steered them to RAGofAZ.  The first surgery was not a success, as the bone had shifted and Finnegan required an orthopedic specialist.  While all this was going on, I was grieving over the loss of my beloved Golden Retriever, Oliver.  Oliver was my first Golden and was like a child to me.  When I told my fellow volunteers at RAGofAZ about the loss of Oliver, they knew immediately that Finnegan would be a great match.  His injury and second surgery were quite scary for me, never dealing with this before, but Finnegan was a trooper through it all.  He has such a sweet nature about him and is truly my lap puppy.  Anytime I sit on the floor, he comes over and sits down in my lap for a love.  I miss Oliver every single day, but the antics and sweetness of Finnegan have helped me grieve and put a smile on my face everyday.