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There is so much to say about this girl--there is just not enough time or room.  We have been proud to share Teddie's life for 13.5 years when she rescued me and then got her very own special forever Dad four years ago.

 I am going to say I think my husband fell in love with her first but that is just my opinion :o)  Needless to say, they are inseparable too.

I was an active foster home for many goldens and had just turned over another puppy to a new forever home when I got "The Call.”  “The Call” was “we have a golden puppy that needs a home and the current owner said she will leave her in the parking lot if we don’t get her.”  As Rescue a Golden does no dog is left behind.  I got ready and met the intake volunteer at the Greyhound station within an hour.  My only thought was, "oh no another puppy couldn’t it be an older dog :o)."  
That was the thought.  I pulled into the parking lot and all I saw was this little head just rising above the window in my friend’s car.  I am not sure if I even parked my car first or just ran out of my car and could not wait to have that little puppy in my arms and said OMG.  Okay, so I am still the foster mom at this point.

The first couple weeks I had her she was a little uncertain of her surroundings.  She preferred sleeping under the bed instead of on the bed.  One day I walked in my room and she was cuddled up by my pillow looking very content. I thought how sweet.  I hopped up on the bed and cuddled with her only to have something fluttering down on my leg.  Yes, she is a retriever.  There was an injured bird that she brought in and put him under the covers and was actually watching over it. Needless to say we don’t have any birds. I had Teddie for a couple weeks and interviewed a few prospective parents and I just couldn’t let go.  She has this look that says, “hey I am home” and that was it. She found her forever home and tears come to my eyes as I think about all the years we have been blessed to be together.

So far this year we have made it to Canyon Point and Big Lake with Teddie and her golden siblings.  They all were able to run and they slow down so they can all frolic together. Teddie had the biggest smile on her face and a smile her dad and I will never forget.  God willing we are taking her on another couple trips back to the rim and White Mountains in the next two months.

 She comes alive in the mountains and we are so looking forward to giving her that joy.  Someday soon she may join her friends at the bridge but until then she will have one special moment after another knowing every day how much we love her.

 I just know that she rescued us and not the other way around.  We are blessed.

Cynthia Halunka