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My name is Daisy and the first year of my life wasn’t that great.  I was kept in a kennel, in a shed, outside, by myself.  Once I was ready to have babies, I was put on Craigslist to be sold to the highest bidder.

Then Rescue a Golden of AZ came and got me, and brought me to my family. 

I have an older sister named Katy, but we look and act like twins.  I was only 46 pounds when I came home a few years ago, and when I got home they had food out for me all the time.  I gained almost 20 pounds in six months – and now I look hot!

At first it was kind of weird, because I was allowed to roam around the house and I didn’t have to go into a cage.  My mom and dad tried to convince me that if I stopped moving or pacing I wasn’t going to be put in a cage.  My sister Katy taught me how to chill out and relax.  I love doing whatever Katy is doing.

Katy and I have four doggie beds, multiple couches, and mommy and daddy beds to sleep on.  I usually find out where Katy is sleeping, and then I lay down on top of her.  Katy and I have about 50 tennis balls at our house, but I only like to play with the tennis ball Katy has.  When Katy is interested in something in our backyard, I am too.  Being a younger sister is awesome.

During the last year mommy thought daddy and I needed to practice better manners, so she sent us to school.  I learned two things.  1. I don’t like the cats at PetSmart.  2. I love the birds at PetSmart – and I think they like me too from the way they reacted when I lunged at them.

Overall I am one lucky girl.  Thank you to all of the Rescue a Golden volunteers for everything you do.

Daisy, Katy & Kristi Rivera