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 Rocky came into our lives when we first saw him at a RAGofAZ anniversary for three rescued overweight goldens, a mother and her two daughters in 2012. 

Rocky was brought to the Tucson area by DJ and Judy so he could go to Jay’s Boot Camp for a month.  It was an instant love affair for Fritz.  He lay claim to Rocky immediately.  After Rocky’s time at Camp, Jay and Scottie brought Rocky to his new forever home with Fritz.  Rocky still had issues, and we worked with him, sometimes under very trying situations.  Rocky harbored a lot of anger, frustration, and anxiety, and was thin.  So Fritz fed him Taste of the Wild.  When Rocky went for his second Vet checkup, Fritz was so proud since he had filled out--only to be told by Dr. Behrens that Rocky was obese.  Six months later, Rocky has slimmed down; he is Fritz’s best “bud,” follows Fritz where ever he goes and cries like a baby when he cannot find him.  He has his own “Binky” that he sucks on every night—obviously with previous owners he severely lacked attention and never had any toys as a puppy.

Rocky’s best friend is Molly, our other rescued Golden who will be five going on two this year.  Both Molly and Rocky love to swim, no matter what the outside temperature might be; both love to play water ball; Molly is my alpha girl and is a fantastic wrestler.  Just ask Rocky--she can pin him any time she chooses.  Molly has a mind of her own.  She will give you those “eyes” and knows how to “work a crowd.”  Having been Molly’s mom since she was eight months old, she has finally matured, or as much as an active golden can.  She is my guard dog, my best friend, and always has at least one ball along with another toy in her mouth all the time.  Molly hates the words, “I am going on errands and you must watch the house,” knows when I am dressed to play golf, dressed to go work out, and dressed to take her for a walk, and knows “night time treat time” at 7 pm, and knows how to “talk back” when she does not approve of my saying “no.”  

Molly sorely misses Destiny who went to the Rainbow Bridge in January.  Molly was able to say her good byes to Destiny, so she does not look for her.  We can tell when she really misses Desi, as she will take Desi’s “Ducky” and shake the living daylights out of it.  Sometimes she gathers all of Desi’s toys in one corner and then lays on them.  

Our family is Blessed to have our Rescued Goldens—Rocky and Molly--in our lives and are grateful for RAGofAZ for rescuing them.

Barbara & Frederick Klink