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RAGofAZ Calendar

This huge “horse” of a dog was surrendered by a busy family who did not have time for him and could not give him all of the attention he needed. 

We had already adopted Lady from RAGofAZ several years earlier and were unsure if she would accept another dog because of her history of intolerance of other animals (and many people!).  RAGofAZ brought in a professional trainer to oversee the introductions, and sure enough Lady growled, barked, nipped and lunged at Simba.  For his part, Simba remained passive and obedient to the trainer’s commands.  Within one hour, the trainer had Lady and Simba lying quietly in the same room.  Within the next few days there was only an occasional minor kerfuffle, but the two dogs began to bond – and now they are inseparable!  Simba is the friendliest and sweetest Golden I’ve ever met, and he does indeed crave attention.  Every time we walk into the house, he runs and jumps with joy and brings us all of his toys to demonstrate his fervent devotion!  And every night I whisper in his ear “I’ll always have time for you.”

Judi and Bob Schillaci